8 Most Strange Life Goals

It is funny to know that there are strange life goals of the people around the world. If you like to know of some of these weird life goals, you can refer to the following and get some ideas. Finally, learn about the most commonly used personal statement opening sentences about goals achieving.



Strange Life Goals

It is good to know that there are people with strange life goals. There are people who do not expect that some individuals have those life goals, but in reality, strange goals about life really exist. Here are some samples about people life goals:

  • I want to travel into space
  • I want free breakfast to be given for homeless
  • I want to make lyrics and make it become popular
  • I want to open a hospital for children that is for free
  • I want to fly in the clouds
  • I want to become a surrogate mother for someone who cannot have a baby
  • I want to begin laughing in full elevator and don’t stop until reaching the ground floor

Have a look at some creative goal statement examples!

Overused Personal Statement Opening Sentences

If you need to write a personal statement, you need to know what you should avoid, especially if you need to write the opening sentence of your essay. Here are opening sentences that are overused you should avoid.

  • From a young age, I have interest in… (used by 1,779 candidates)
  • I’m applying for this program because… (used by 1,370 candidates)
  • I always have been interested in… (used by 928 candidates)
  • In my life, I always enjoyed… (used by 311 candidates)
  • Reflecting on my experiences in education… (used by 257 candidates)
  • Nursing program is very demanding and challenging profession… (used by 210 applicants)
  • Academically, I’ve always been… (used by 167 candidates)
  • I always want to pursue a career in… (used by 161 candidates)
  • Education is a powerful weapon that I can use in changing the world… (used by 148 candidates)

There you are the strange life goals that people want to pursue at the same time some overused opening sentences in writing the personal statement. If you are applying, make sure that you have an attention-grabbing opening sentence for the readers to continue reading your paper.

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